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I want to be alone
But I can’t escape

First I need to feel you pressing against me
Trying to fill me

I need your attention
Your effort
Your breath on my neck

I want to shrink into your shadow
Crumple under your weight
I want to feel small

Your touch will ask the question it answers

I want you to always try
But never fulfill me

I want you to fail
Over and over

Then vanish
Elude me
Leave me alone once more

In your aching absence
I find it again
My lack


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Waiting At The Bar

“Is anyone sitting here?” she asks.

“I’m waiting for a couple friends of mine, but they may be late.”

“Oh I can find another seat” she replies as she glances around the bar, which was standing room only by now.

“No, sit down.  They might be a while.  Besides, one of them is going to have to stand anyway, so they might as well both.  No sense in watching them duke it out”, I joke.

She sits down and asks for a menu.  “Hi, I’m Debbie” she says, hand extended.  “I hope you don’t mind, but I’m kind of chatty.  It’s better to sit at the bar to eat when you’re alone and traveling than at a table by yourself.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Mark.”  I notice her olive-colored eyes and seemingly perfect teeth as she smiles and orders herself a drink and some dinner.  She’s not the first tonight to ask if the seat next to me is free, nor the youngest (in fact, I think she’s nearing cougar territory).  But the cheerful, friendly greeting, combined with the draught I’ve nearly finished, is just enough to get my introverted self past the uncomfortable stage of introduction.

“What do you do?  Do you work downtown?  Do you have any kids?” she rattles off before I have time to respond.

“I’m a tech manager – not really exciting.  Yes, I work a few blocks away.  I’ve got three”, I reply.

“Me too” she says.  “I’m not married anymore though.”

I feel a light tap on my shoulder.  When I turn around it’s my friend, Dave.  I say hi and Debbie introduces herself.  Dave orders a beer, and sits down at the other side of me.  He and I get caught up over the next half hour, with Debbie interrupting every few minutes with a side note about what’s on the TV or the girl sitting next to her as she pecks at her food.

“How would you feel if your wife were sitting alone in a bar like I am while you were at home?” she asks.

“Probably bothered”, I reply.

“So how would she feel then?”

“She’s more understanding than me, I think.  She might even be for it, if the situation was just right”, I say.  For a moment, I wonder how true that is.

Debbie gets a slight grin and touches my elbow when my other friend arrives.  She introduces herself, and asks him if he’s married.

“He is”, I say, “but Dave here is single.”  I’m not much of a wingman, but I do my best.  Dave smirks.

“How about we get a table and some food?” I ask my friends.  Before we finish grabbing our coats, Debbie shakes hands to say goodbye, leans in to say something into Dave’s ear, and lands a long kiss on his lips.  Dave is surprised, but doesn’t pull away.  I honestly can’t blame him, though I am a bit envious.

“See you later,” she says.

As we walk away Dave says, “I have to remember to come back here.”

Wanna go to lunch?

“Time for lunch,” the text read.

Then, “Now.”

“I’m sorry, I have to go,” I said, heart pounding. I shut the conference room door behind me.

I rode the train in a trance. Heat from between my legs traveled over my breasts to my neck. My face was flushed, my pussy wet. The ache was so intense that I couldn’t restrain myself. I slipped a hand under the jacket on my lap and pressed my clit hard. I moaned, too loud, and the man across from me noticed. He knew. It only made me hotter. I licked my lips and rolled my eyes back, giving him a little smile. He smiled back. I rubbed my clit furiously under my jacket.

Two stops later, I got up, shaking, and exited the train. I walked a block to the apartment building, hurrying. He followed me, the man from the train. I could feel him behind me, but I didn’t care. All that mattered was getting there.

Another text. “I want you naked, pressed against the front window,” it read.

I took the stairs two at a time. I turned the knob as I kicked off my heels. I left the door gaping open, crossing the room to the wide window. I ripped off my blouse and skirt, leaving a trail on the floor. Panting, I pressed my cheek to the cold glass and slipped a hand into my ruined panties.

I heard the camera click. I waited, two fingers thrusting inside me, wanting more. A minute later he pressed his chest to my back, taking my hand and pinning me to the window, pulling my panties to the side and slipping his hard cock inside me. “Yes,” I called desperately.

Lost in the feeling of his fucking, I didn’t notice the sound of the camera still clicking away until afterwards.

“You brought a guest, you dirty girl,” he said, smiling at the man from the train, who put the camera down and unzipped his pants.


Blindfold me



My list

Mark promised me that there were no rules, so here goes:

Bruce Willis. There is something sad and mischievous about his face that is just so hot. Plus, he’s bald.



James Gandolfini. Okay, it is a bit of a downer that he passed away this year, but he still is near the top of my list. As Tony Soprano, he showed that he could be a dirty tough guy and a loving husband, both at once.

James Gandolfini. photo: Barry Wetcher


Seth Myers. He made me laugh a contact lens out of my eye when we saw him live earlier this year. I can only imagine what it would be like to be alone with him.



Dan Savage. He just looks like he would be up for anything. Maybe he’s not all gay.



Anne Hathaway. But Mark already knew that. I won’t discriminate on her hair. I’d probably mostly want to look at her.



This guy. He’s a hottie, yes. But there’s more to him than that. He knows what he wants out of life, he goes after it, but he doesn’t get wrapped up in it. That’s sexy.



Then there’s N. His writing cracked me open. He made me look inside and see what else was there. I don’t have a picture and I don’t even know what he looks like, but he’s lurking here on my list anyway.

And I’d be lying if I didn’t mention the tall, handsome dad in the kindergarten playground, and the mom with the cool tattoos. Don’t worry, Mark. Seriously.

So, you might notice that unlike Mark, I don’t have a type. My attractions are varied, and they pop up unexpectedly, out of nowhere. I’m not attracted to one particular type of body, or one particular type of person. If you make me think, I will probably like you. If you make me laugh, I will definitely like you. And if you make me feel, well, I’m yours.

It does feel good to post again.



Top 5 List

Ok, here it goes…

1. Sofia Vergara.  Aye Carumba!  Finally a reason to dust off my high school spanish.


2. Emma Stone.  I want to know if the carpet matches the drapes.  Actually, I don’t really care if it does, that’s just an excuse.


3. Kate Mara.  Packed and stacked.


4. Anne Hathaway.  But only with long hair, so I’m going to need a time machine or years of patience.


5. Mila Kunis.  Or maybe Megan Fox.  I’m having trouble deciding here.  Fuck it, #5 is both, together.

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Now, who are your top 5?