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On ice

I passed a super hot mom in heels walking across the icy field to pick up her kindergartener.

I should have offered a hand and said, “Can I help you across?”

I could have said, “At least on the way back, you’ll have a kid to hold onto!”

I actually said nothing (but smiled).

I’m pretty sure she thought I was laughing at her.

Why is this so fucking hard?

Notes from last night

Truffle frites are better than sex.

People need to put down their fucking phones on their date nights.

Skinny jeans, boots, and a sheer sparkly top is appropriate dress for a so-called good girl at a strip club.

Strippers are hot.

Sex for sale is not exactly hot.

I love watching Mark get a lap dance.

I want to touch a girl.

I had a really good time last night.

What does a girl wear to a strip club?

I need to know by Saturday.

I’m counting on you.

And don’t forget, it’s winter here.

Dear Jenna

I’m going to grope you and smack your ass tonight. You’re going to like it. 😉