Basement sex

Have I ever told you about the best sex I’ve ever had? I can’t recall.

It was in Mark’s parents’ basement, years ago. We were still in college, so I’m guessing we were twenty. We snuck downstairs after everyone else was asleep. He fucked me, missionary position, on an old mattress on the floor. I was literally screaming my head off it was so good. I have no idea why.

After a couple minutes of me screaming, Mark told me to be quiet. He didn’t want me to wake anyone up.

So I stopped screaming.


  1. S says:

    “So I stopped screaming”… Not forever, I hope.

  2. Mark says:

    I remember this, thought my recollection is a bit different. I remember you moaning so loud that I kissed you, pressed my chest to you face, pretty much anything to keep you from waking the neighborhood. Back then I didn’t want anyone to hear you. Now I get off when you moan like that