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Blindfold me



The nature of my game

Let me introduce myself,

I’m a girl of words and faith.

You asked what I’m doing here;

It’s time for change.

Remember bad is good,

And after all it was you and me.



33 words, some borrowed from the Stone’s Sympathy for the Devil, for Trifextra



“Seducers see themselves as providers of pleasure, like bees that gather pollen from some flowers and deliver it to others. As children we mostly devoted ourselves to play and pleasure. Adults often have feelings of being cut off from this paradise, of being weighed down by responsibilities. The seducer knows that people are waiting for pleasure — they never get enough of it from friends and lovers, and they cannot get it by themselves. A person who enters their lives offering adventure and romance cannot be resisted. Pleasure is the feeling of being taken past our limits, of being overwhelmed — by another person, by an experience. People are dying to be overwhelmed, to let go of their usual stubbornness. Sometimes their resistance to us is a way of saying, Please seduce me. Seducers know that the possibility of pleasure will make a person follow them, and the experience of it will make someone open up, weak to the touch. They also train themselves to be sensitive to pleasure, knowing that feeling pleasure themselves will make it that much easier for them to infect the people around them.” -Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction


He’s dragged her to the cliff’s edge.

She came willingly but now she clutches him as he forces her to peer over the edge into the gloom.

She cries as he pushes her.

I like

Fabric against skin
Just a hint

More specifically,

Your lips
Your hand, in your pants
Your hand, pressed to your chest
You, partially undressed
You, completely undressed

Some things that I like

Being pressed against a wall

You pinning my hands over my head (not too hard)

Your beard against my nipples

Your teeth against my nipples

Fingers in my pussy

Breath hot on my neck

Your hard cock

Hard thrusting



Your come, all over me

Got it?



a solemn promise or assertion; specifically : one by which a person is bound to an act, service, or condition



1 : desire to know:

 a : inquisitive interest in others’ concerns : nosiness
 b : interest leading to inquiry <intellectual curiosity>



You can only push me to the edge

so many times

before I resist

fight against you

hold you down hard and kiss you

then leave you with tooth marks on your shoulder.

Alternatives to need

I prefer these:


Can you think of any others?