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None of this happened

He followed me up the staircase. I saw him notice me as I got up from the table. I admit it, I gave him a smile. As I neared the stairs, he pushed his chair back and squeezed his wife on the shoulder.

I climbed ahead of him, just out of reach. I could see you waiting at our table.

At the top of the staircase, I found a roaring fire. A wooden bench encircled the fireplace. I took a seat and looked up. I didn’t smile. Beyond the fireplace partiers laughed and music blared. It was perfect.

He stared at me from the top of the steps. Yes, he had followed me up here. Now he seemed surprised to see me waiting. A moment passed where we both considered the lines we were crossing. Yes, this was happening. He strode towards me and stood directly in front of me. He smiled. He reached out and touched my lips, then lowered his hand. He slipped into my blouse and with one swift movement pinched my nipple, hard.

I yelped. Luckily the music and laughter drowned me out.

A woman, not his wife, appeared at the top of the stairs. She paid us no attention as she walked past into the ladies’ room.

He kept his hand inside my blouse. With the other hand, he took mine and led it to the front of his slacks. He was already hard. I rubbed the length of his cock as he pinched my nipple even harder. I moaned and rocked my hips from side to side against my aching pussy.

A few seconds later, as the woman emerged from the bathroom, he abruptly removed his hand from my blouse. I gave him a longing look, but his mouth was set. No. She passed us and he turned and walked back to the staircase, down the stairs, to his table. I waited a few moments by the fire and then returned to you.

As I sat down I smiled at you. Beyond, he smiled too, and put his arm around his wife.

I want to put my hands on you

Take off your shirt. Undress completely if you like.

Lie down.

Breathe deeply. Our space smells of sandalwood smoke and desire.

Ready yourself. I am lighting the candles and warming my hands.


You’ll feel my hands on your shoulders first, heavy and needing.

My touch takes as much as it gives.

With my hands, I will work your body. I will translate skin, bone, muscle into feeling.

Slowly, I will move my hands up your neck, higher, onto your head. Where I touch you, I will infuse you with energy.

Lower, down over your back. Your tension evaporates, opening you.


Feel me. Feel the pure pleasure in the places I touch you. Feel the language of my touch as I translate you.

Hours pass like this. Me touching, you feeling.

I will know every inch of your body.

See? Like this


She did her makeup, still naked and damp from the shower, standing over the bathroom sink. She reached for her blow dryer and did her hair, enjoying the stinging hot air snaking down her back.

She put the dryer and brush away, and moving to the next room she took a pair of panties from her drawer. She slipped them on in front of the closet. She hesitated by her clothes, looking for the right mix of put together and offhandedly sexy. She had a meeting today.

She stepped into a tight black skirt and pulled up the zipper. She studied her blouses.

“Take off the skirt,” he said from the doorway. She jumped, startled, then half-smiled. She complied, lowering the zipper, letting the skirt fall to the floor. As it hit the ground, she felt his arms around her, his hands cupping her breasts. He kissed her neck.

She rubbed her ass against his boxer shorts as he pinched her nipples. After a few minutes, he reached down and yanked off her panties, removed his shorts.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered. “On your hands and knees.”

She did.

He ran his hands over her back, over her ass, and down her legs. With one hand he stroked his hard cock and began rubbing it against her ass. He pulled it down against her wet pussy and slipped it inside her.

He fucked her hard, kneeling behind her and one hand on each of her hips. With each thrust he pulled her towards him hard. When he came, he held her still against him, and when he was done, he pulled out and turned away.

“You left the closet open,” he said.

“Mmm…” she mumbled incoherently, still lying on the bed, rubbing her clit with one hand.

He laughed and pulled his boxers back on, yanked a t-shirt out of the closet and shut the door.


Let’s go somewhere together.

Somewhere faraway, forbidden. Let’s let it be a secret. Our travels will be difficult and our rewards vast.

Let’s go to Havana and walk the worn, potholed streets, letting the boisterous Caribbean Spanish wash over us. Our conversations will be private, coded.

Let’s wander down too-narrow alleys lined with grates and flowery window boxes. Press me against the cement and lift my dress. Let me feel your urgent desire.

Let’s stop and stare at the sea, watching the waves pound on the sand. I want to sit with you on a patio clouded with hazy sweet cigar smoke and drink rum. The music will be strange and alive, slowly throbbing. I want your shirt mostly unbuttoned and your hand up my dress.

Later, I want you to fuck me in tune with the drumbeats.

I want to be with you in the harsh reality of children shrieking and paint-chipped old churches. I want to stand with you under the blazing sun and know you. I want to be a fugitive with you.

It’s not a corset, but

It’s the closest thing that I have.


On my way out