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None of this happened

He followed me up the staircase. I saw him notice me as I got up from the table. I admit it, I gave him a smile. As I neared the stairs, he pushed his chair back and squeezed his wife on the shoulder.

I climbed ahead of him, just out of reach. I could see you waiting at our table.

At the top of the staircase, I found a roaring fire. A wooden bench encircled the fireplace. I took a seat and looked up. I didn’t smile. Beyond the fireplace partiers laughed and music blared. It was perfect.

He stared at me from the top of the steps. Yes, he had followed me up here. Now he seemed surprised to see me waiting. A moment passed where we both considered the lines we were crossing. Yes, this was happening. He strode towards me and stood directly in front of me. He smiled. He reached out and touched my lips, then lowered his hand. He slipped into my blouse and with one swift movement pinched my nipple, hard.

I yelped. Luckily the music and laughter drowned me out.

A woman, not his wife, appeared at the top of the stairs. She paid us no attention as she walked past into the ladies’ room.

He kept his hand inside my blouse. With the other hand, he took mine and led it to the front of his slacks. He was already hard. I rubbed the length of his cock as he pinched my nipple even harder. I moaned and rocked my hips from side to side against my aching pussy.

A few seconds later, as the woman emerged from the bathroom, he abruptly removed his hand from my blouse. I gave him a longing look, but his mouth was set. No. She passed us and he turned and walked back to the staircase, down the stairs, to his table. I waited a few moments by the fire and then returned to you.

As I sat down I smiled at you. Beyond, he smiled too, and put his arm around his wife.