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The first time I saw it, my eye caught the red glow at its base then rose with the clean straight lines of its gray walls. You saw it too.

“Want to go in?”

“Kind of,” I said.


Thirty-three words beginning with “the first time I…” By the way, I like how the first time implies that there will be a second time.


Wanna go to lunch?

“Time for lunch,” the text read.

Then, “Now.”

“I’m sorry, I have to go,” I said, heart pounding. I shut the conference room door behind me.

I rode the train in a trance. Heat from between my legs traveled over my breasts to my neck. My face was flushed, my pussy wet. The ache was so intense that I couldn’t restrain myself. I slipped a hand under the jacket on my lap and pressed my clit hard. I moaned, too loud, and the man across from me noticed. He knew. It only made me hotter. I licked my lips and rolled my eyes back, giving him a little smile. He smiled back. I rubbed my clit furiously under my jacket.

Two stops later, I got up, shaking, and exited the train. I walked a block to the apartment building, hurrying. He followed me, the man from the train. I could feel him behind me, but I didn’t care. All that mattered was getting there.

Another text. “I want you naked, pressed against the front window,” it read.

I took the stairs two at a time. I turned the knob as I kicked off my heels. I left the door gaping open, crossing the room to the wide window. I ripped off my blouse and skirt, leaving a trail on the floor. Panting, I pressed my cheek to the cold glass and slipped a hand into my ruined panties.

I heard the camera click. I waited, two fingers thrusting inside me, wanting more. A minute later he pressed his chest to my back, taking my hand and pinning me to the window, pulling my panties to the side and slipping his hard cock inside me. “Yes,” I called desperately.

Lost in the feeling of his fucking, I didn’t notice the sound of the camera still clicking away until afterwards.

“You brought a guest, you dirty girl,” he said, smiling at the man from the train, who put the camera down and unzipped his pants.


The nature of my game

Let me introduce myself,

I’m a girl of words and faith.

You asked what I’m doing here;

It’s time for change.

Remember bad is good,

And after all it was you and me.



33 words, some borrowed from the Stone’s Sympathy for the Devil, for Trifextra



He’s dragged her to the cliff’s edge.

She came willingly but now she clutches him as he forces her to peer over the edge into the gloom.

She cries as he pushes her.



You can only push me to the edge

so many times

before I resist

fight against you

hold you down hard and kiss you

then leave you with tooth marks on your shoulder.

Letting go

Holding onto you at this stage feels impossible, like trying to grasp air or water, your intangibility encircling me, entrapping me in an endless ring of flames burning me from the inside out.

Your hands

I am thinking
About wanting
Your hands on me
Running down my back
And up again
Down over my hardening nipples
My belly
My hips
Down my legs
And up again, stopping.

I admit it

Not knowing your face, your body, your touch makes you everywhere and nowhere at once. I have to hunt for you like I search for God, accepting the silence as my proof.