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The waitress

She was beautiful. Long, dark hair, curvy, tiny. Her dress was sparkly and transparent, her boots were tall and black.

She flitted around the party, keeping busy with bringing drinks and flirting.

She had a paragraph tattooed on her right shoulder blade.

Oh, I want to read it.

Yes, I did smile.

A vignette

She’s lying on a beach blanket on her side next to her boyfriend, face-to-face.

When she sits up, I see her face and I have to stare a minute. I can’t look away until I make sense of her long dark hair, her deep sparkling eyes framed by arched eyebrows, her beautiful skin, darker than mine.

I could look at her face forever. I sneak glances, sidelong through my sunglasses until I think she’s noticed me. Then I turn away.


She’s wearing skin-tight jeans and she’s tiny, smaller even than me. Her tight striped t-shirt clings and hugs all of her curves. She has a pretty, pretty face. Her makeup is carefully applied and her curly, medium-blonde hair is cut boy short. I love it.

She looks a little frightened.

A vignette

She’s wearing a super short skirt in a gorgeous flowered print, and a red sweater. The sweater and the skirt don’t quite match but her outfit is so fucking hot. She’s everywhere on the dance floor, moving, posing. She loves our eyes on her. She runs her hands through her short blond hair and stares meaningfully into her boyfriend’s eyes. She’s intimidatingly tall, but I want to dance with her anyway, to brush against her red sweater and capture her energy. Yet tonight I’m yours, and I satisfy myself with decorating you at our table, laughing with friends.