A hike at night

Returning from a shower at dusk, I hear our friends laughing at something as I approach them gathered around the glowing fire. My hair is still wet, and I’m wearing a knit dress and flip flops. As I pass, I toss my bag on the picnic table and move to join Mark by the fire.

“Let’s go for a hike,” he says, standing and reaching for my hand.

“Really?” I ask, slightly surprised, reaching for my flashlight. Turning to our friends, I ask, “Can you keep an ear out for the kids?”

“Yeah, sure,” Leah says. Mark and I move away from the fire, down the path and out into the purple dusk. We head left down the road, away from the other campsites and toward the grassy hiking trail.

As we leave the campground, Mark wraps his arm around me and pulls me up against him. It’s still warm although the sun just set, yet not so hot that I mind being close to him. We can hear music and laughter fade behind us, and the scent of woodsmoke hangs in the air.

“Where are we going?” I finally ask. It’s not like Mark to want to venture out into the woods at night.

“I don’t know,” he says, with just the slightest bit of mischief in his voice. Or maybe I’m imagining things. I have to admit, I’m in the mood to be surprised.

We walk in silence for a while. The rabbits are out on the path, looking for mischief, too, I think. Our flashlight catches their tails here and there as they lead the way down the path.

We are holding hands now, and Mark is holding tightly. I’m getting excited. Does he just want to be alone together for awhile, or will there be more? I’m hoping for more.

In the darkness we hear the night sounds of the woods around us: rustling, beating, soft hooting. Without presence of sun or moon, nature is strange to me. I’m not afraid but I am darkly curious.

After 20 minutes or so down the path, Mark stops. “Go hide,” he says, aiming the flashlight ahead to show me a small clearing in the trees. “I’ll find you in a few minutes.”

“What?” I ask, then quickly, “okay.” It’s the more that I was hoping for, so I’m in. I reach for the flashlight.

“No, I’ll need that to find you,” he says, serious.

“Alright,” I agree, hesitantly. It’s truly dark now, and the moon is nowhere to be found. I move into the clearing as Mark goes on down the path a bit. Once he’s gone, I walk slowly on the soft grass until I come to a tree with a split trunk, the kind that reminds me of a woman’s legs splayed in the air.

I lean against the tree, my ass in the split. The trunk is hard, its brittle bark scratching me through the thin knit of my dress. I’m alert. The air has cooled a bit and goosebumps rise on my skin, as much from anticipation as from the temperature.

I want this. Oh, do I want this. I laugh because Mark knows how much I want this. The night smells like new leaves, real dirt, and something else–animal. I can’t see, but I can feel the clearing around me, wide open beneath the starless sky, waiting.

A loud cry from a bird somewhere above starts my heart pounding. Here, there is an absence of human sound. Where is Mark, I wonder. Minutes pass. My eyes won’t adjust to this darkness. Small sounds are growing louder, but still no footsteps. The tiny rustling of mice in the brush, the swishing of leaves against each other in the light breeze distract me.

I am excited and I am scared. There’s no sign of Mark’s flashlight. What is he waiting for? To distract myself, I slip my hand under my dress. What else could he want but sex? So I rub myself gently through my panties until I’m wet. Still I don’t hear him or see any light. The tree bark claws at my back and I’m growing impatient.

Another loud caw from above throws me over the edge. Now I’m more afraid than excited. Then I feel him. His hands on my shoulders from behind. How did he find me without me noticing, without his flashlight?

“Are you ready?” he asks, low, his voice a growl. Then, “Yes, you are. I’ve been here watching the whole time.”

“You asshole!” I sort of shout, even though I love this. “I was scared!”

He comes around my split tree, pressing himself against me hard. “What? You liked it. I watched you.” He doesn’t wait. I can feel that he’s hard already, and he unzips his pants quickly and reaches one hand between my legs. He pulls aside my panties, and slips his cock inside me, pressing me even harder against the tree. The combination of the tension, the pain of the bark on my back, and the pleasure of his cock inside me explodes into an amazing orgasm. “Yes,” I moan, loud, and wrap my arms and legs around him. He fucks me slowly, gently, and kisses me. The clearing expands around us until it’s the whole world and we are the only two people in it.

Yes, this is exactly what I’ve been wanting.


  1. Love this! It’s perfect and real and a lovely sensual moment …grazie for sharing! Bells xxx

  2. Jenna says:

    Thanks for the compliment, Mirabella!