A proper introduction

Hello, gritty world. I feel that I should let you in on some things about me, some essential details that you should keep in mind as you read this blog. Here, I have carved out a space in my life to be complicated. I have chosen to showcase my edgy side. It’s relatively new to me. I have heretofore chosen the straight and narrow path in life. I am not exactly leaving that path–I am happily married and I have three kids, people. But I am going to take an occasional walk down an alley here, a side street there, and get myself out of my comfort zone.

I am going to share some personal details of my mind here. I am sharing these details to exercise my written voice and to preserve my sanity. Some of these details might be disturbing, or angry, or otherwise negative. But I will always try to redeem myself.

If you choose to read my blog, please understand: I am not an attention whore. I am only a minimal exhibitionist. Although I will write about sex, I doubt that what you will read here will be the hottest writing that you could find in five minutes online. I am writing this blog for a very specific audience. It includes only a select few people. If you are one of those people, you know it. For each of you, I am an attention whore. For better or worse. Everyone else? Well, thanks for reading. I appreciate your eyes on my writing, and even better, your thoughts on it. Maybe I will inspire you to take the difficult path in some way, and I’d like to know if I do. But please don’t bother getting too attached to me in any way other than as a blog writer.

And to you, whom my heart beats for, albeit at very different volumes? You. If you read something here and you don’t like it, can’t tolerate it, or feel uncomfortable about it? Tell me, please. But don’t hold it against me in reality. This is just a blog. I don’t ever want my writing to determine my reality in a bad way.


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