A summer soirée

I think I’m going to plan a party. I’ve changed a lot recently, see, and I seem to have come across a lot of interesting new people. In my real life, when I get the feeling that certain people would have fun together, I plan a get together.

It will be sexy and fun and delicious. We’ll have it by the water on one of the perfect summer nights that we have around here. It will be a picnic dinner so I will lay out blankets everywhere, and hang paper lanterns from the trees like in a magazine.

When I in invite you, I will ask you to include a few of your favorite songs in your RSVP, and I will play these on our outdoor speakers. I’ll bring frisbees and footballs and maybe a few dirty books or magazines to entertain everyone.

There will be cheese and fruit, wine and beer. The food will be simple — it’s besides the point. There may be ice cream for dessert.

And the guest list. The guest list. Well, Mark will be there, for sure. And he will be fun, I promise. He’ll probably be grilling something yummy with a beer in his hand.

There will be my new favorite Twitter friend, a lovely woman who I’m sure will bring trifle, and who isn’t afraid to ask those dangerous questions, who isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. There will be my second favorite Twitter friend, another gorgeous beauty who somehow makes cake seem incredibly erotic and doesn’t hide the fact that she has those kids to deal with.

And my flirty friend, the southerner, who seems to be hiding something powerful behind in-your-face tales of raw sex. I think I might also toss an invite to that self-proclaimed cheating whore who seems so fulfilled by her secret life. And maybe that hottie who’s light years beyond me. We’ll see.

Of course I’ll throw in some real life friends, because in fantasyland I can do whatever I want. And, you know, the real Jenna. She’s cool.

And you. Wanna come? You can pick my outfit if Mark doesn’t beat you to it. I’ll sit by you and you can make me laugh the whole time. I know you can do it, and that everyone else will be laughing too.

Each of you should invite a couple of others. I want this to be big. We’ll all be lounging, touching lightly, being sexy but not attracting-attention showy. This is a pre-party. One of you will have to plan the after-party.

It’s going to be so fucking hot.

Thanks for inviting me to participate in Party week, Marie Rebelle. You are, of course, on my guest list.

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  1. Mark says:

    I hope those invited bring hot dates, (un)dressed appropriately for the hot weather. The women can take a lesson from Jenna and forget those top few buttons, too. Because while a hot mind excites you, I prefer hot bodies 😉

  2. This sounds like an incredible party, and I sure will be there. Thanks for the invitation, and thanks for joining in on the first birthday of Wicked Wednesday 😀

    Rebel xox

  3. Molly says:

    Count me in, sounds like a party not to be missed


  4. Lord Raven says:

    Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing

  5. KaziG says:

    Thanks for the invite! Let’s get this party started 😉

    ~Kazi xxx