Don’t need me

Photo source: PrayFuckDie

Photo source: PrayFuckDie


Don’t need me. Want me.

I don’t want your need. I want your desire. I want what you want and what you think you can’t have, aren’t allowed, can’t admit.

Don’t just want me, use me.

I want you to push yourself. Go ahead and take what you want, what you’d like. I want to feel your desperation, the raw edge of your desire. I want to glimpse your madness.

I want you to do what you think you can’t, aren’t good at, don’t deserve. I want you to try to hold onto me like grasping water, I want you to hold me like your life depends on it.

Then I want you to let go of me, let me get away, and show me how fun it is to get me back. I want to tease you, make you wish for me, stay just out of your reach. I want you to ache with your wanting. I want you to take out your wanting on others, but always give it to me.

I want to make it hard for you to breathe.

Then I want you to catch me and take me all over again.

I want you to own me.

And then give me back.

One comment

  1. Hubman says:

    I want you, in the pose in that photo would be a great start 😉