Don’t read this

If you want to show me how much you like me, ignore me. Please. Like me? Don’t high-five me. Don’t nod, or wink. Well, don’t ever wink at anyone. Ever.

If you admire my writing, don’t compliment it. Your silence will show me. If I give you a compliment, don’t return it.

Think I’m smart? Like how I frame an argument? Well, then call me crazy. Nothing makes me feel more intelligent than having to defend my sanity.

Want to show me how much you love me? Don’t say a word. Don’t you dare hug me. Kissing is off limits.

Am I naked before you, wet, and begging for your cock? Deny me. Then I’ll know how hot you think I am.

Oh, and have I given you a gift? Don’t say thanks. Don’t send me a card. How else will I really know that you liked it?

Did you ever make me a promise? Well, please break it. Accidentally forget about it or purposely lie to me. Go ahead.

Make me feel unspecial.

Just kidding.

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