First I want you to think of something sexy. Not just sexy, dirty. Not just dirty, filthy.

Something filthy that you want to do with me.

It’s important that you want to do it.

Is it fucking in a public restroom? Is it a blow job in the car? Is it restraining me and leaving me to wait for you? Is it something else?

Think of it. Then, I want you to tell me that I want it. It doesn’t matter at all whether I do. (But I do.) What matters is that you do.

Listen, I trust you. I’m asking you this because I know that you don’t want to hurt me. I know you’re not violent. I just want you to take what you want.

I want you to tell me repeatedly that I want it. That I’m aching for it. (I am.) That I’m really fucking dirty for wanting it.

Telling me how dirty I am is imperative. I love it, so don’t be shy about it.

Don’t tell me exactly when your idea will become reality. Make me wait, make me wonder. Build up the anticipation. Then give it to me.



  1. Hubman says:

    I think that could be arranged!

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