Do you like this blog? Are you new here or have you been coming back for awhile? Are you interested in me, my story? Do you just like my writing?

Maybe you get off on knowing all the sexy details of my life. I get off on telling them to you.

But I want more.

If you are coming back, reading my words day after day, looking at my photos, I’d like you to tell me, please. Tell me what you like. Or tell me that you think I’m fucked up for writing this blog. Whatever. I’d like to know.

This is a blog, not a work of fiction. It’s not a textbook. It’s not a magazine. This is my attempt to offer you a slice of my reality. Join me. Let’s talk. Or write me something. Tell me what I ought to be reading, watching, or listening to. What do I need to know?

I want some of you inside of me. Share yourself like I’m sharing with you. Use your imagination. Go ahead. It will be hot.


  1. LorrieM says:

    Read you for about a month. I found you while I was looking for others like myself…with desires outside tradition.