I read from Leah’s blog

Do you know her? She wrote the beautiful, mystical, and filthy Leah Lays London. It’s closed now, which is just a shame. But it is gorgeous, and I am savoring it little by little.

Leah’s wild. Her blog documents her fun in and around London between June 2010 and February 2012. It’s crazy, and it is wonderfully written. I envy her experiences and writing skills. Her descriptions are moving, they grab you and take you along.

What I find most intriguing about her blog is how much of it is just beyond what interests me sexually. But somehow, her writing manages to convert me. Somehow, I want what she wants. How does she do it? How does she use words alone (there are no photographs on the site, and only one painted image) to change my mind?

First of all, she writes perfectly, elegantly. Her grammar is flawless, her imagery arresting. And she carefully chooses her words. She’s not afraid of the dirty vernacular, and cunt and pussy make their regular appearances. But just as often, she’ll use vagina. Or even vulva. It’s unusual, and it’s somehow poetic in her tales.

Leah is dirty. I mean dirty. The kind of dirty that I can only aspire to and never hope to achieve. She’s into all sorts of submissive things that, honestly, I’d never heard of before reading her blog. And I’ve only read a little of it. I have a lot to learn from her. Just the extent of her dirtiness makes her hot to me, but it’s more. It’s that even the dirtiest of her sordid details is so beautiful through the lens of her words. She lets her boyfriend shove her head into a toilet and drink. She lets her girlfriend pee on her face, and she loves it.

And I love it. Through her words, it sounds absolutely magical. I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I first read the blog post. Why do I like what I don’t like? I wondered for days. So I emailed Leah, and asked if I could record that post for you. And she said yes. So here it is.

Do you like the recording? Tell me, and maybe I’ll do more. And do you have any idea what appeals to me so much about Leah’s blog? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Oh, and thanks so much, Leah, for letting me share your words on my blog.


  1. Mark says:

    I’ve read some of Leah’s blog and I have to agree she’s an excellent writer. I’m a far more visual person, yet she does a spectacular job painting her imagery in my mind using nothing but words. It’s wonderfully written, I agree.

    That said, the level of dirty she achieves I don’t aspire to myself. Hickeys and ass smacking and being held down are one thing, but caning, water bondage (in a toilet), and pussy whipping are excessive. I really have to wonder about where the desire to be beaten bloody comes from or how someone is turned on by being brought towards the precipice of death.

    As to the passage you read, if you’re looking for ideas, even if urine is sterile, I would still rather have you pour champagne over my body, cold as it may be, and lick that off.

    • Jenna says:

      Yeah, I have to agree that I don’t actually want to try to recreate her scenarios. Some of them, like this one, are just too extreme. I’m just impressed with how beautifully she writes about them.

  2. Leah Danby says:

    Thank you for this. I am thrilled and touched and delighted by the praise. As well, I am honored beyond measure to hear you give voice and expression to my thoughts.

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