I want to put my hands on you

Take off your shirt. Undress completely if you like.

Lie down.

Breathe deeply. Our space smells of sandalwood smoke and desire.

Ready yourself. I am lighting the candles and warming my hands.


You’ll feel my hands on your shoulders first, heavy and needing.

My touch takes as much as it gives.

With my hands, I will work your body. I will translate skin, bone, muscle into feeling.

Slowly, I will move my hands up your neck, higher, onto your head. Where I touch you, I will infuse you with energy.

Lower, down over your back. Your tension evaporates, opening you.


Feel me. Feel the pure pleasure in the places I touch you. Feel the language of my touch as I translate you.

Hours pass like this. Me touching, you feeling.

I will know every inch of your body.

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