Let’s try it a little different

“Move down,” you growled deeply, your hands on my hips pushing me away from your face.

I felt dazed and had a little trouble making out your words. All that I understood was your hands on me. You guided me down over your chest, my soaking wet pussy dragging over your pecks. You pushed and pulled my legs until I turned my back to you, straddling your lower abdomen.

“I want you on my cock,” you demanded. I was already lifting my hips as you spoke. Deep inside I ached where the tip of your cock would rub me. I moaned as we met, your hands on your cock, plunging it inside me as I lowered myself onto you.

“Ride me,” you said, and “Yes, that’s good.” Then moments later, “Oh, yes, good girl,” and “Mmmhmm,” as you rubbed your hands over my ass, up my back and down. I just kept riding, up and down and forward, concentrating on the spot where your cock met my cunt again and again. It was all that I could feel. I didn’t notice when you began to rub my ass, putting a finger gently inside. I was lost when you began to push harder, parting my ass to see what you were doing.

“I love seeing you like this,” you said, although I don’t know how you could still form words. Words were ancient history to me. I was all knotted up on the tip of your cock, stroking and thrusting and almost ready to come again. Then I could feel your finger in my ass, your finger that was pressing down against where your cock was thrusting inside my cunt and the pressure drove me straight over the edge and I came again harder even than the first time. This time my voice returned to me and I nearly shouted “YES, oh, yeeesss,” letting my pleasure come pouring out. I rocked down hard on your cock as I finished coming, until you pulled your finger out of my ass and pushed me forward abruptly so that I was on all fours over you. I yelped, still wanting you inside me and my heart pounding as I wondered what you would do next.


  1. Hubman says:

    I love thinking about you like this 🙂