Listen to my body. Don’t ask me to tell you what I want, what I need.

Lie by me, both of us naked this time. Still yourself.

Feel your breath.

Put your hands on me while you give me your mind. Feel the heat building on my skin and the tension in my muscles. Mirror the heat and tension in your own body.

Run your hands up and down my body, over my calves, my thighs, my ass, my back. Grab my breasts, pinch the nipples. Make me gasp. Brush my pussy, feel its heat. Keep your hand there, still, gathering my wetness in your palm, still. Make me moan.

Drag one finger up inside me and feel how I am throbbing for you. Move only slightly and know that I want more. Mirror my panting. Feel that pleasure building in your fingertip, and feel the invisible cord that connects it to the tip of your rock hard cock. Burn for me as I burn for you.

Pull your finger out, dripping, and run it over my face. Make me see, feel, taste what you do to me. Grab my hands, hard but not painfully, and pin them over my head. Always force me, never hurt me. Listen to my body. It will show you how.

Do you like this position? Yes? Tie me. Do it loosely. I don’t want to hurt. I want to be wherever, however you like.

Return your hand to my pussy. Rub, enter, thrust harder now until I have to move with you. Are you hungry for me? Trust your hunger. Taste me gently, use your whole tongue, flat against my lips, then drag the tip to my clit and press hard. Feel the way. My body will show you. Use your pleasure as a guide. Eat me like you are starving. Cry out. Get lost inside me. Your pleasure is my pleasure.

I’ll be crying out by now; let my cries guide you. Can you hear me with your cock? Is it answering my cries with its throbs? If yes, then it’s time. Move over top of me. Let me see your beautiful body, complete, about to be mine. Hear me shout fuck! Hear me scream yes! Hear me shout your name. Language is almost gone from me but I can manage that.

Answer me with a grunt. Deep, from your chest. Pin my arms again, not too hard. Don’t distract me, only make me know I’m yours. Splay my legs apart with yours and — quickly now, no more waiting — plunge your cock inside me.

Our pleasure will be so intense that the world will be obliterated. Thrust inside me now listening only to your own body. Trust that we feel the same thing. Breaths are gasps, skin is fire, nothing matters but the approaching explosions. Thrust as hard, soft, fast, slow as you like. Trust. It’s good. No, better than that. There will be only this. This.

Look at me. See my eyes, wanting you. See me smile. I’ve never felt like this before. No matter how many times we’ve done it before, no matter how many attempts at repetition, this time is singular.

Know. You. Are. Perfect. For an instant.

Then come. Come hard, don’t hold back. Own your pleasure and give it to me as a gift. Don’t breathe. Don’t speak. Just come. Let me feel your cock convulsing in delicious bursts inside me. And I will answer you with my own orgasm, so complete, so immense that I will shake from head to toe. I will moan and whimper unintelligibly because you have taken my words from me.

Don’t ask. Please don’t ever ask. Only feel. Only do and trust.

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  1. Buddha says:

    You are a very good writer. Really. The imagery, the phrasing. Your writing is graphic and guttural, yet highly literate and poetic. It’s something I don’t normally see… and I’m definitely impressed. When I read erotica, it’s usually either too PG-13 or crude in a way that is just annoying, using words and phrases that no one in the real world actually uses. No… you have a talent.

    You’ve described the perfect balance of “rough”, yet “gentle.”