You’ve seen all of my clothes. You know my skirts, tank tops, dresses, shorts, yoga pants, pjs, by now. All of it. You have your favorites, you’ve told me. I have mine.

“Pick your favorite dress,” you tell me. I’m half-dressed, splayed before you, begging for more. Really, I am. You’ve just ripped my panties off.

“Pick your favorite and put it on. Nothing underneath,” you tell me gently but firmly. This is what we’re doing now, there’s no question. It’s all okay.

“Yeah,” I say, barely coherent.

I get up and rifle through my things. I find the little black dress with the white polka dots. This one is nice, not slutty. I put it on.

“Kneel on the rug, please,” you say.

I do. I wonder what’s next.

You move around the bed and stand in front of me. Your cock is still bulging in your pants, I am still hungry for it.

“Undo my pants now,” You say deeply.

I do. I start to pull them down.

“No. Not yet,” you tell me, removing my hands from your pants. Your cock is half out and I am straining towards it, trying to lick it, brush it with my lips, anything.

You hold my hands tightly above my head. You slowly move your cock toward my lips until I can feel the heat pouring off of it. I whimper.

“Suck my cock now, please,” you tell me. “Just the tip to start.”

Finally your cock touches my lips. The contact sends shudders through my whole body. You are still holding my hands, bracing yourself against me, making it difficult for me to move at will. I brush my lips against the tip of your cock, again and again. I open my mouth and try to take you inside it, straining against your hands. I love the control that you have over me.

The tip of your cock is glistening. You want more, need more. But you’re resisting for now, drawing this out.

You move a tiny bit closer, let me circle my tongue around the tip of your cock. Your breathing is slow and heavy.

“Take my pants off now,” you say, releasing my hands.

I do, quickly, moaning when I see your cock finally free.

“I want you to keep sucking my cock now, please,” you say. “I want to come all over your pretty dress.”

“Yes,” I gasp, as I reach for your cock with both hands.


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