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Yeah, so

You beat the crap out of a girl — like she asked, mind you — and don’t you know the next thing she’s gonna want is for you to hold her while she cries.

Go figure.

To whom it may concern

I want to work for you.

This is my application.

I want to please you. I’d like to earn your respect.

You have things to teach me. I want to learn.

I’d like to do things your way, exactly as you like. I want to relinquish control to you. Show me how.

I won’t like it, but still I want it.

I want you to admire me, compliment me, reward me. I want you to challenge me, push my limits. Show me how much more is possible. Pay me.

I want to earn your trust and learn your secrets. I want you to know me. I want to succeed.

I am ready.

Dear Mark

Please read this. Substitute “wife” for “girlfriend.”

I think it’s really helpful.

He gives other advice here, but some of it is a little extreme for my tastes. I’m really only interested in submitting to you inside the bedroom.

What do you think?


P.S. Thanks, Dom with Pen.