Thoughts on the real Jenna

We had dinner with the real Jenna tonight. (Her husband and her kids, too.)

Her house was beautiful, the food delicious. Her kids stress her out a little, especially the little ones.

She does like Mark. I caught her looking at him. Well, he is hot.

Mark, on the other hand, hides his feelings really well. If I didn’t know, I’d never suspect anything. He’s good.

In any case, I like her. You would, too.

So my question is, is it working? I mean, befriending Mark’s crush. At first I thought it would somehow protect us, stop things from going too far. Then I thought it might be hot to be around her, knowing how Mark feels about her. Now I wonder if my presence changes everything, makes the situation somehow less sexy. I don’t know.



  1. Mark says:

    Is it working? Well, what’s your goal? Is it to keep an eye on me? To make another friend? To push the friendship further? To keep the friendship from going too far? To see if you have the same crush? To see how she feels about it?

    I didn’t catch anyone checking me out, though even if I did I’d likely dismiss it – she’s married; I’m reading too much into it; even if she was, looking doesn’t equate to action, etc.

    Playing psychologist for a moment – I think hiding my feelings is a defense mechanism I’ve developed. It keeps me from getting hurt, from possibly experiencing rejection, from ending up in an uncomfortable situation with someone I see regularly, and from possibly hurting you. Yeah, I know that’s totally unsexy, and it removes all the potential excitement from the situation, too. So how do I change that? Should I?

    • Jenna says:

      I don’t think there is any right answer, so don’t worry!

      Also, I think I just preferred it when I just observed your relationship with her, rather than trying to insinuate myself in it. I’m not worried that you are going to act on your feelings and hurt me, but I do think that your flirtation with her worked a certain way with me. It made me want to work harder at being better than her. It made me remember that our relationship is always a choice, not a requirement or obligation. And it made you feel really sexy to me.

      • Mark says:

        In many ways, I like you in it. At work, we might talk about our kids or our weekend for a few minutes once or twice a month, but as two couples hanging out together we find out so much more about each other; we get to spend more than a few minutes together, which is a win on more than one level 😉

        And then there’s the tension. Did her husband see me glance at her? Did you (evidently not)? Did she? Would anyone care?